Godmodding is deciding the outcome of your attacks and dodging most attacks aimed at you. This can become extremely annoying and can be classified as noob behaviour, as it doesn't give anyone else a fair chance to beat you in an rp fight. It is better to attempt an emoted attack (/me thows a punch at Bob) rather than outright do it (/me punches Bob in the face).

Misconceptions Edit

You cannot control another character, regardless of whether they are a player, an invisible make-believe one or a pet. Some people take a person roleplaying their character and a small pet or child to mean that they are not 'proper' characters, and can be controlled by others. This is not the case, as someone elses' character is still theirs to control, regardless of whether they have an avatar or not. Do not godmode '/me succesfully commands Bob's Springpaw lynx to attack him' without permission.